Welcome to AaronBushell.com.  I’ve always been fascinated by failure and success.  What makes someone successful?  Why did that person succeed over all of the other people who were in the same shoes?  For every successful person, there are dozens who failed.  But for every one of the dozens who failed, there are hundreds or even thousands of people who were too afraid to try and fail.

I’ve spent a lifetime studying failure, other people’s and my own.  What I’ve found is that people are just plain afraid of failing.  The fear of failing is stronger than their desire for success.  But when you look at every single successful person in history, they have all overcome their own failures to become successful.  Why, then, are so many people afraid to fail in their own lives?

I’ve learned to encourage and embrace failure, in my personal and professional lives.  I teach my kids to try something new and uncomfortable because even if they fail, they have learned from the experience.  I encourage my employees to try something out of the box.  If it doesn’t work, if they fail, we can all learn from their mistake.  Failure is not something to be feared and avoided.  Failure should be embraced.

Come, lets embrace our failures together.