Are You A Boss, Manager or Leader?

Are you a boss, manager or leader? What is the difference? How can YOU become your most effective through maximizing your role? In this speech, I show the audience the difference between a boss, a manager and a leader and help each attendee determine which type THEY are. It might not be the answer you think.

Are You a Boss, Manager or Leader?

Wichita Chamber of Commerce

In August 2015, I delivered the speech, “Are You a Boss, Manager or Leader” to more than 150 attendees at the Wichita Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Scrambler, hosted by Wesley Medical Center.  You can read the recap here:

Key Takeaways:


  • This title typically has a negative connotation. Hollywood is filled with depictions of bad bosses.
  • They tend to lead with force.
  • They inspire fear.
  • They take credit for team success.


  • This title has a more positive connotation.
  • These are the people who get things done and make things happen.
  • They lead with authority.
  • They inspire goodwill.
  • They are included in the credit for team success.


  • These are the people who drive and create the vision for an organization.
  • They lead through engagement.
  • They inspire passionate followers.
  • They communicate a vision.
  • They defer credit for success to their team.

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Are You a Boss, Manager or Leader?

Social Media for “Are You A Boss, Manager or Leader?”

One of my favorite things to do before and after a speech is interact with those attendees who are talking about what I had to say.  A good speech should inspire some good conversation, and this one was no exception!  Some really great conversation on Twitter surrounded this event.