One Thing

One Thing

Let’s Do ONE Thing Better

A few years ago, I was struck by a thought. I was reading a blog on productivity where the topic was something like, “38 Ways To Be More Productive At Work.”  I was about ten items into the list when I just stopped reading. I realized I couldn’t remember the first few items I had just read about.  If I couldn’t remember fewer than ten ways to be more productive at work, how was I supposed to remember thirty-eight?  And for that matter, why thirty-eight?  Why not ten? Or five? Or just one?

That’s when it hit me.  We are doing too much.  With so much going on, we can barely focus on the one thing directly in front of us without getting distracted.  We talk on the phone while we are typing an email.  We watch TV while we are checking Facebook or Twitter.  We walk and chew gum at the same time.

Instead of doing everything better, let’s do One Thing better.

This is the point of my One Thing posts.  Instead of suggesting my top 10 ways to be more productive, I’m going to suggest the One Thing you can do right now to be more productive.  It may not be the best thing.  It most certainly won’t be the only thing.  But it will be one thing you can do, right now, to make your life a little bit easier.

And One Thing at a time, we’ll change the world.

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