I love speaking to an audience.  I have been a Toastmaster since 2010 and have competed and won several competitive speech contests.  Now, I travel around speaking to organizations to share my message.  I have several different speech topics that I present.  Here are three of them that have been particularly popular.

FAIL is Not a Four-Letter Word

Speaking: Fail is Not A Four Letter Word

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Why are so many people afraid of failure?  When faced with the possibility of failing, why do we tighten up, lose our focus and fail to perform our best?  Thankfully, it is actually easy to change our mindset and learn to see failure as a good thing.  In this presentation, I discuss how to learn to accept failure as a part of the process towards becoming great.

Are You a Boss, Manager or Leader?

Speaking: Are You a Boss, Manager or Leader?

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Are you a boss, manager or leader? What is the difference? How can YOU become your most effective through maximizing your role? In this speech, I show the audience the difference between a boss, a manager and a leader and help each attendee determine which type THEY are. It might not be the answer you think.

Coming Soon: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Performance

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History is filled with stories of people who achieved what was previously thought impossible. How did they do it? How did they break through the self-limiting beliefs to achieve greatness? Aaron will introduce you to some of history’s greatest “impossible” achievements and will guide you through how to challenge your own self-limiting beliefs to accomplish something you think is “impossible.”

Note: I will be speaking to the Wichita Chamber of Commerce on Wed, March 16th at a Breakfast Scrambler being hosted at Wesley Medical Center.  For more information, check out: http://wichitachamber.org/news_room-events_calendar.php?event=254&v=event

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