Fail Is Not A Four Letter Word


FAIL is Not a Four-Letter Word

Fail is Not A Four Letter Word

Quick Summary

Why are so many people afraid of failure?  When faced with the possibility of failing, why do we tighten up, lose our focus and fail to perform our best?  Thankfully, it is actually easy to change our mindset and learn to see failure as a good thing.  In this presentation, I discuss how to learn to accept failure as a part of the process towards becoming great and show the audience why Fail is not a four letter word.

Presentation Outline

Using quotes and examples from some of history’s greatest failures, I explain how to to turn failure into a positive in four steps:

Fail Is Not A Four-Letter Word Slide 1What do Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan all have in common?  They were all failures who overcame their shortcomings to become successful.

If they can do it, why can’t you?  In this speech, learn actual steps to take in order to overcome your failures and turn the negatives into a positive.

There are four steps to overcoming failure: F.A.I.L.

FEAR– Understand that fear is a natural reaction and learn a few ways to overcome it.
ACCEPT– Accept that you’re going to fail and it’s not the end of the world.
IGNORE– Ignore those people who would laugh at your failure and recognize them as obstacles in the way of reaching your goals.
LEARN– Learn from your failures and use them to achieve your potential.


Aaron Bushell speaking at the Wichita Chamber of Commerce

“Aaron did a fantastic job and hit it out of the park! Our attendees have already raved about how well he did and how they have some great takeaways. Thank you, Aaron, for your meticulous planning and preparation!”
-Holly Landon, Wichita Chamber of Commerce

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Some Twitter testimonials from the 2014 Bethel University Convocation keynote speech in Newton, KS where I shared Fail Is Not A Four Letter Word with the student body:


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